ImageOn Your Mark…

Get Set…


Here’s our challenge for ourselves:  Write 13 posts on 13 different education thought leaders in 13 days.  

Why you ask?  These posts will be pre-reading for participants in our inaugural Education to Save the World Fellows Summit this June.  At the Summit we’ll be tackling the questions of how we can transform learning to meet the demands of the 21st century.  To do that we’re going to need one heck of a research foundation to build on.  That’s where the next 13 days come in.


So here’s our challenge for you:  Join us!  Take this intellectual journey with us over the next 13 days and see what you come up with.  Read each day’s post.  Track your thinking.  How do your ideas about how education needs to change develop over the next 13 days?  We want to know!  Post your thinking as responses to the post and your ideas could help shape our Summit.  

Most importantly we believe in the power  of collaboration so share your ideas to improve our collective thinking!  

We can’t wait to hear from you!