Think of a teacher you regard as a great teacher. I’m thinking of Jennifer Sonkin, teacher in Washington, DC.

New Orleans and Back

Chances are the teacher you are thinking of regularly hits most of these:

1. They make the learning environment emotionally safe and socially supportive. It’s not overly regimented but it’s also not chaotic. They convey interest in students with their own facial expressions and body language.

2. They empower students to envision and create an environment most conducive to learning, including the physical layout of the classroom or learning space. 3 specific strategies for doing that are here.

3. They require every single student to participate, individualize instruction and foster students’ talents as much as possible.

4. They make learning fun. They are not afraid to do silly things and incorporate purposeful playphysical activity and brain breaks into their instruction.

Do you know a teacher who does these things? Give him or her a shout out in the comments section below!