It’s hard to believe, but it’s been more than a week since we closed our 2014 Summit.  With the Summit done, it’s time to introduce our Ed2S Fellows for 2014. Drumroll please… These names represent an amazing group of educators with experience from all different sectors within (public, private, charter, informal).  It was an honor to work with them during the Summit and we are so excited for the great work they did this year.  Below their names is the Fellowship Mission, Vision and Values that they collaboratively created.  Like I said – an awesome cohort! Ed2S 2014 Fellows

Megan Chabalowski– United States Institute of Peace

Philippe Celestin – KIPP DC

Debra Felix – School for Tomorrow

Heather Simson – Green County Public Schools 

Ayo Magwood – The Maret School

Laura Honeywood – Academy of the Pacific Rim Public Charter Schools

Alex Fuentes – TC Williams High School International Academy, Alexandria City Public Schools

Scot Wilson – Close Up Foundation

Kathleen St. Villier – For the Love of Children

Hannah Robinson – Loudon County Public Schools 

Ariam Mogos – Global Minimum

Brian Hotchkiss – The Bullis School

Fellowship Mission, Vision and Values

We believe/understand….

  • Our young people are uniquely equipped to be the change-agents that our world so desperately needs
  • Education is the key lever to create a more just, healthy, and sustainable world
  • Current educational practices are failing to serve young people in the context of our rapidly changing world
  • Transforming education requires the engagement of all stakeholders: community, parents, learners, educators, leaders

So we will, in concert with others…

  • Develop, capture, and promote practices that unleash and nurture the potential of learners and educators
  • Break through stereotypes to allow learners to see themselves and be seen as they truly are
  • Hold each other accountable to our ideals, vision, and new ways of thinking

In order to…

  • Catalyze a paradigm shift that transforms the current industrial model of schools into a dramatically different model that will realize the world we know is possible
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