image credit: google education

image credit: google education

Google, google everywhere, but not an app to sync!

Okay couldn’t resist making an Ancient Mariner allusion, but to be honest that’s how it feels sometimes.

There’s so much education technology out there, but how do we actually start integrating it in our classroom?  What works and what is just “so cool” hype?

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the best from our friends at Google:

Seems simple right, but this tool has revolutionized student collaborative and teacher feedback.  Want to learn more?  Check out this presentation (yep  – it’s a googledoc)

Wish there was a way to information quickly on student performance without having to collect all those exit tickets at the door?  Consider using Googleforms for assessment.  Click here for a quick how-to and lessons learned from Match Education’s work in this area.

Google Hangout
Imagine if you could bring in that super expert to talk with your students for 20 minutes about the project they have been studying…  Google Hangouts is the go-to for making that happen and so much more .  Learn 6 great ways to use Google Hangouts in the classroom.

Try out these tools and let us know how it goes!  Have  a great weekend!