ImagePhiladelphia schools have been in the news a lot the last few months and mostly the coverage has not been particularly flattering.

So when we saw this story about innovation happening in Philadelphia schools, we had to share!

Here’s a quick overview from Edweek:

Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. is placing a controversial bet: Although scores of schools opened here this month without regular guidance counselors, nurses, or basic supplies, the superintendent is pouring millions of dollars into expanding what he considers to be three of the city’s most innovative schools. They include Science Leadership Academy, an acclaimed magnet high school at the forefront of the national effort to marry educational technology with so-called “deeper learning.”

“We have to have an investment conversation about the types of schools we would love to see in our district,” Mr. Hite said in an interview. “This whole conversation cannot just be about what we’re taking away, what we are starving, what we are eliminating.”

There’s lots to think about from this article, but perhaps the biggest take-away is this – even in the face of struggle, it’s possible to innovate.  It takes courage; it takes being willing to take a risk, but it’s possible and we should celebrate it.

Have a great Friday!