q5meg5dttnzd42amhoriToday we are honored to have Laurin Hodge share her thoughts on innovation.  Laurin is the Executive Director at Mission: Launch, Inc, a nonprofit that creates tools specifically for women so they are empowered to recover, reconnect, and overcome the barriers to successful re-entry after incarceration.

Ed2S: What ways of thinking help you to innovate? 

LH: I find that creative activities, breaks from analytical work or just calling a friend to laugh inspire innovation. My brain needs to see something new, hear something unique or just pause from my normal line of thinking to see the small details I’m missing that lead to new innovation

Ed2S: How do you approach innovation? 

LH: I approach innovation with a great respect. We live in a world where simple wins and innovation often lends itself to complications and too many details. So I approach the idea of innovating with a deep respect for finding the right answer in the simplest form.

Ed2S: How do you go about making a difference?

LH: For me making a difference comes in two sizes: small and big. I recently read an article abouthow small is often overlooked but being small and working small is as important as working big.  I look at a situation and determine what needs to be done and then I analyze my own ability. There are times I would love for my difference to be big, life changing but it can only be small. I don’t let the size stop me because I understand that even small differences add up

Thanks Laurin! 


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