Google’s Head of Mindfulness training thinks that his role will become commonplace at other businesses in the future. His job is to enlighten minds, open hearts and create world peace. Seriously.

And over 50 British Members of Parliament are participating in weekly mindfulness sessions.

At the same time, it seems we’ve begun to fret over too much multi-tasking.

Could mindfulness be applied to educational settings? Doug Allen, principal at Grandview Heights School in Canada thinks so. He’s added mindfulness to the curriculum.

Mindfulness is a technique to quiet the mind, focus attention and manage emotions. The idea is simple: don’t think meditation in the lotus position for an hour. Students are told to think of simple exercises like sitting still, focusing on their breath, or counting the sounds in the room.

“It improves their capacity to focus, reduces anxiety, makes them more empathetic, improves relationships. All of this has been studied and found to be true. I think in the long run it will also make them happier,” Allen said.

Allen received training from a California-based organization called Mindful Schools. They offer trainings all over the US and online. Will this be a trend that will last? What do you think?

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