Congrats to Ed2S guest blogger Laura McCarthy for making it into the Washington Post this week!  In talking about the value of movement to learning, Center for Inspired Teaching founder and executive director Aleta Margolis shared this quote from Laura about the amazing learning comes from physical movement (indoor ice skating in this case):

 Thanks to my training, I understood the benefits of this play. By having to hold the paper plate to the ground with their feet, the kids were using concentration skills. . . . The gliding actions were helping to build their muscles and tone their gross motor skills. The act of having to navigate their skating around other kids, to take care of themselves and others and share the space, was helping them work on self-control and peer-to-peer social-emotional development. The fun and the joy of it were helping to get their blood pumping and adrenaline boosting.

Check out Laura’s post on Learning (and Teaching) to Embrace Joy for Ed2S here!  Three cheers for shaking up education to embrace joy and movement!

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