One of the major changes of the 21st Century is a move from independence to interdependence. From our relationship to the planet (moving from one of human dominance to acknowledging that extinct species 10,000 miles away probably will have some affect on us) to the interdisciplinary nature of work, we are moving away from separation to connection.

Following this trend is a new(ish) buzz word, teacherpreneur, designed to encourage teachers to keep one foot in the classroom while taking on other roles such as principal, teacher trainer, curriculum writer or education policy maker.

View this neat Prezi for a basic introduction.  It’s from the folks at Center for Teaching Quality who recently published Teacherpreneurs: Innovative Teachers Who Lead but Don’t Leave. You can read the first chapter on their website.

We know the future of teaching is changing. But we also know great teachers have always innovated, taken risks and attempted to spread their successes to their colleagues. Encouraging teachers to stay in the classroom part-time while influencing other areas of the education puzzle is a great trend we hope will gain momentum and be here to stay.

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