This week we’re circling back around to stage 1 of our framework: adult learning. We recognize how important it is for educators to continue pushing the boundaries of their own knowledge and skills, especially considering the quick pace of change we face in the 21st century.

For many of us, the only regular professional development we receive is conducted by our schools or districts. For some, even that does not come regularly. Of course there are one-off workshops or annual conferences to supplement our learning, but these offerings do not provide the ongoing development and support that we need.

We challenge you (and ourselves!) to take on a new learning goal this year. What do you hope to understand better? To be able to do more skillfully? What expertise would you like to develop? What habits of mind would you like to cultivate in yourself?

Consider setting a personal learning goal and starting a book club to support your growth. Invite 2-3 colleagues or friends and select a book or article that might help you on your journey. Grab lunch or dinner together every few weeks to discuss and think together. We think you’ll find it invigorating!

Check out a few of our favorite titles below. Feel free to post your own favorites for the rest of us to consider!

Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner


How People Learn by the National Research Council


A Taxonomy for Teaching, Learning, and Assessing by Anderson and Krathwohl