What’s your morning rountine? Mine is something like this:


Alarm…snooze…alarm...check email in bed…alarm…shower…coffee…drive…day begins


But after reading parts of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way I am aspiring to something like this:


Wake up naturally (I know that is probably not possible, but a girl can dream)…write out three pages by hand...go for a run…then a much more productive day

Less of a routine and more of a ritual to start my day.  Of course it’s not easy to wholescale change my morning all at once, but here’s one small thing I’m committed to trying: morning pages.

The idea is as Cameron explains on her website, ” just put three pages of anything on the page.”

But why write in the morning?

According to those who tried it out and shared their experience with Jessica Stillman at Inc.com, the practice clears your mind, unleashes creative ideas, and stops circulating worry.   It’s a great way to get into the most powerful of all adult learning strategies – reflection.  It’s time to consider what worked about what I did yesterday, what didn’t, and what I aspire to today!


So morning pages, here I come!  Who’s with me?