Our ego is the force that is convinced that we are perfect. It does all kinds of ridiculous things to try and make that impossible idea true.

When was the last time you got frustrated with someone or with a situation? Mine was today when I was late for a doctor’s appointment. It seemed every driver in front of me was an idiot and the red lights were conspiring against me. Dr. Bailey says in these situations, we are never mad for the reason we think we are mad. It’s because the situation goes against our ego, our need to be perfect, in control, right. Dr. Shefali agrees. She says the best path to good relationships and good guidance of children is by first accepting our own imperfections.

These experts recommend we make daily affirmations to ourselves such as:

  • I am imperfect and that is ok.
  • I can’t control everything and that is fine.
  • Connecting with others is more important than being special or right.
  • I lose my center of gravity just like everyone else, often worse than the children I teach or parent.

Try it out and see what happens.

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