Okay that was a busy couple of weeks and our apologies for falling off the blogging bandwagon.  We’re back now and ready to keep rolling.  

Before we jump into our normal pattern though, a quick reflection.  The hectic-ness of the last few weeks stemmed from one thing and one thing over everything else: change.  So even though this week isn’t set to be able change, we thought it appropriate to share some words of wisdom about change.  This is the time year of that many educators are thinking about change: what you’ll do next year, how you’ll make your courses different, how you’ll be a different teacher, leader etc.  In the midst of that reflecting, consider this thought from Tony Wagner:

Finally, the most effective change leaders I know take calculated risks. Historically, education has been a highly risk-averse profession – which is one reason why we have seen so little change through the years. Managers do not take risks. Leaders do.