In the book Schools that Learn, Peter Senge and several other authors seek to challenge the assumption that school is the place for learning and the adult world is the place for knowing. They assert that the development of children depends on the development of all the adults in the school system

The book is a must-read for more details on how to establish a school that learns. Here are a few characteristics to help you envision what it looks like.

Characteristics of a School that Learns…

1. Most of the adult energy is focused on reaching a desired future, not a hundred different priorities.

2. All adults can articulate the story of how they are closing the gap between their current reality and the shared vision.

3. All adults are applying new knowledge and reflecting on its effects.

4. All adults can identify benchmarks of progression toward the shared vision.

5. All adults can name new capabilities that they and the school did not have before.

Does your school exhibit any of these characteristics? Let us know below!