Here at Ed2S we frequently ask ourselves, “What would Copernicus do?”

We ask that question because we believe we are living in the midst of a major transformation in the way we think about formal schooling. Copernicus is the scientist credited for proving that the earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around as was previously believed. He was not the first scientist to posit this idea and it wasn’t widely accepted, especially among religious leaders. A contemporary leader said,”This fool wants to turn the whole art of astronomy upside down.”

And that is precisely what we want to do with education — turn the whole art upside down. We question everything, dig up assumptions and try new ways of being, thinking and doing.

Why? Because we know enough about human history to know that our current model is designed in the image of the Industrial Era. We know that the current way of doing school has only been around for about .25% of human history. Humans discovered fire, agriculture, mathematics and language without going to school as we know it.

Modern paradigm 2

And we know from Thomas Kuhn that there is a common progression between what we think of as “normal” and “revolutionary.” He says it is often young people within the field and people from outside of the field who question traditional habits and observe anomalies in order to articulate a completely new and radical paradigm.


This is the essence of our Fellowship program: bringing together educators who want to question habits and try out new ways of teaching and learning. We are currently accepting applications — join us today!

Here are a few quotes from past Fellows:

The fellowship is creating a place for me to work with like-minded individuals to help me develop and work through my idea on how to conquer education with innovative ideas!!! I’m excited to continue to have a group of people to collaborate with to push me and support me over the next year. This would not at all be possible without three amazing, inspiring, and dynamic ladies who want to SAVE THE WORLD! – Jennifer Sonkin, ’15 Fellow

Ed2Save Fellowship is great for those educators (in the classroom and out) who have a vision for what K-12 education could be, and are working to make that vision more of a reality through their own teaching and institutions. It offers a peer group of thought partners; an opportunity to create, test, or incubate new ideas; and a chance to help shape the future of education. Scott Rechler, ’15 Fellow



Ed2Save is a community of innovative educators who share a deep-seeded passion for progressive educational practices. The Ed2Save summit is an opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired by educators who share a common set of progressive values. – Philippe Celestin, ’14 Fellow

Fellowship, to me, is a collection of like-minded progressive educators engaging in a bold, ambitious dialogue about the shape and experience of a truly modern school, and holding each other accountable to realizing the change they envision. – Brian Hotchkiss, ’14 Fellow